Meet the band

Jacob Scally


Jacob Scally is the current guitarist, pianist, vocalist, and song writer for the group. Jacob began his music journey at the age of seven and has always been a firm believer in God. In junior high school he wanted to share his faith with the world. As a young person, he thought a productive way to share this message was through the gift of music. Jacob has written and performed many songs based on his and other’s view of how God has touched their lives. Since then, Jacob has been spreading the word of God to people of all ages and backgrounds. He says his mission is to point people the right direction which is towards Jesus Christ. Jacob claims he has been very blessed and fortunate to be part of such a powerful mission.

Zachary Scally


Zach Scally is the drummer of the band. He was born in Toledo, Ohio. He has been playing the drums since he was seven. God has always been a huge part of Zach's life and because of this he wants to make a difference in the world. He thought it would be a great idea to spread the Gospel through music. Zach has played the drums at his church and performed various gigs since 2012. Zach says his mission in this band is to spread the word of God to all people and to truly help them find God. Zach hopes that everyone can experience God just as he does!

Gavin Scally


Gavin Scally is the current bassist for the group. He is currently a student at Bedford High School in Temperance, Michigan and comes from a family of seven: three sisters and one baby brother in heaven. Gavin spends his free time playing hockey, following the Detroit Red Wings, and fishing. Gavin loves to make a personal connection with each and every person he meets. Also, Gavin loves to rock out on the bass! Gavin started playing the bass in the fall of 2017 and has loved it ever since.